Stove Monkeys was established in 2007 by energetic chefs that were proud to represent themselves as culinary professionals but were limited outside of the kitchen. Inspired to create a line of clothing that could be worn by chefs as everyday street wear, Stove Monkeys was born. Our purpose is to provide the culinary industry apparel that will bestow a sense of camaraderie amongst culinary professionals, students, and foodies throughout the world.

As progressive chefs, we are concerned with sustainability and health. We carry these beliefs into the production of our apparel by utilizing eco friendly printing materials and recycled products where available.

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    Stove Monkeys: USA Made

    As a chef you can't make a great meal with poor ingredients and the same holds true with anything that you do in life. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and stand behind each product. We know that the character of our merchandise speaks for itself and that you are proud to represent as a "Stove Monkey".