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If a rock star and a fireman had a love child who was raised by a family of knife-throwing circus folks on the run from Julia Child with only a stockpile of bacon to sustain them — this child would grow up to be a Stove Monkey.

Stove Monkeys are chefs, foodies, restaurant owners or anyone consumed by a passion for food. There’s a reason chef coats have two sets of buttons. It helps to contain the delicious chaos that emanates from a Stove Monkey.

Stove Monkeys is also an apparel company that not only caters to these culinary junkies - we are full-fledged addicts ourselves. The concept…created by chefs. The clothing…designed by chefs. The result…a kick-ass (and incredibly stylish) way to express to the world that food is your passion.

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    Stove Monkeys: USA Made

    As a chef you can't make a great meal with poor ingredients and the same holds true with anything that you do in life. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and stand behind each product. We know that the character of our merchandise speaks for itself and that you are proud to represent as a "Stove Monkey".