Posted on: May 4, 2009 by The Stove Monkey in Food

We are officially in business and have made our dream a reality.  Anthony and I have always wanted to develop a line of clothes to wear as chefs – something that could be worn on the street and keep up with the current T-Shirt fashions.  We both wanted something to represent ourselves as chefs outside of the kitchen.  I always wondered why other social groups, i.e. skateboarders, athletes, musicians, and even your A-List individuals, had their own identity for street wear.  I remember as a teen that I was really into skating and had my own style and name brand of clothing that identified me as a skater.  This was important to me at that age because that was what I enjoyed and was passionate about.   The clothing allowed me to network and make new friends.  Now this can apply to Stove Monkeys clothing for chefs and foodies alike.  When walking down the streets of Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris and wherever else a Stove Monkey may be cooking, you will see the Stove Monkey logo on the back of shirts and realize that that person is a chef or a foodie.  Maybe it will be a celebrity chef or even an up and coming young chef with whom you could network and trade secrets.

Since the website was launched about a month ago, we have been included in a few blogs.  Follow the links below for more info regarding Stove Monkeys.

Unite Stove Monkeys!

Mytro & Lynch

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